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Internet Providers: Who Should You Choose?

Internet, Wifi, Ethernet, Wireless. Whatever you call the connection to the World Wide Web, it has been made a part of our daily lives in recent years from Personal Computers (PC), Phones and even TV at this point. The internet has become a big part of our daily lives within the last twenty years. 

So, since access to the internet is such a fixation of our everyday world’s, let’s get a little background on the internet. First off, you have to think that not everyone had a computer in the house and if they did then the family was more wealthy or it was provided by a job and with this, you didn’t always have the ability to just connect. You had to have certain hardware at which it was required to be bought by the end-user unless your job had required you to have some connection at either the office or on the go. You also have to think people didn’t just have what people do now. YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and other online platforms were not introduced until the late ’90s/early 2000s. The “web” as it was called wasn’t as big as it is now and with that, there was only limited use of the internet except for maybe some games which were multiplayer and to think about it in that back then you online had dialup really it wasn’t the best but was completely usable as no one wasn’t doing a multi-gigabyte download.

With a little intro to the internet, let’s get take a closer look at what is offered as internet connection options today: Dial-Up, Cable, Satellite, and Fiber.

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