Aydin from November of last year.

Aydin Khosrowshahi: Nothing Rhymes with Khosrowshahi

Aydin Khosrowshahi is currently finishing up his sophomore year at WCHS and has lived here in Woodford since seventh grade. He performs well academically and likes hanging out with his friends a lot.

What is your favorite memory of Woodford County? 

Definitely last year’s Twilight festival. It was originally an impromptu thing that only a few of us were going to, but then more people showed up and we had a great time. I really like events like those, they breathe life into the town and give it its own character, and sometimes when things feel dull a party or gathering is what you need.

What one of your favorite things to do in Woodford County?

My friends and I will go to local events, like the twilight festival or Christmas parade, and have a good time. Events like these really shine in a smaller community like Woodford, people are more tight-knit than somewhere like Lexington or Frankfort. 

What makes you smile?

When all of my friend group can get together. In quarantine, we’ve been using digital methods to do this, like playing games together or texting/calling. 

What is your favorite activity/hobby?

Exploring local hiking trails or nature reserves. I really appreciate nature and its beauty, and on a nice day, it’s always a pleasure to go out and see some of it. I’m somewhat well-traveled, and in all my experience, the views of nature have always been the most memorable. But even in Woodford and the surrounding area, there are some really nice areas to go and get out.

What is one of your favorite moments with your friends in Woodford County?

A friend and I drove around and had deep conversations until 2 or 3 in the morning. The country roads of Woodford, rows of suburban houses, and the small downtown areas that were silent due to the late hour served as a fitting backdrop.

What would you say to people just moving to Woodford County?

It’s not as big as Lexington or Frankfort, but there are still things to do. Earlier I mentioned events like the Twilight Festival, Christmas parade, etc. These gatherings are a good way to get out and integrate into the community.

Aydin on New Years 2020.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

I was jumping off this cliff into the water about 30 feet below, but you had to jump forward to actually make it into the water because there were some rocks directly below you. As I was getting ready to jump I slipped and almost fell into the rocks.

What is your goal in life, going forward?

Finish high school, get a decent aerospace engineering job, and settle down with a plot of land somewhere. I don’t think I’d go so far as homesteading or farming, but I’d like to live a somewhat agrarian life, in a rural, natural area. 

Who do you look up to, why?

People who can be resilient through conflict, and not let it change them for the worse.

What was your biggest learning experience? anything that changed the way you look at things?

I went to the Dominican Republic last summer on a volunteer trip and it was interesting to see a different people, a different culture, a different language, lived. 

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