Sam Dowdell

Sam Dowdell

Sam Dowdell: A Lifelong Resident

Sam Dowdell lives in Woodford County. He is entering into his freshman year of high school at Woodford County. He is 13 years old and enjoys living in Woodford County. He has an older brother as well as a younger brother.

What is your favorite memory of Woodford County?

My favorite memory would be playing rec basketball at Falling Springs and winning the championship. 

What is one of your favorite things to do in Woodford County?

Probably going to the school sporting events with my friends and watching the teams play. 

What makes you smile?

Winning at anything.

What is your favorite activity/hobby?

Playing and watching basketball.

What is one of your favorite moments with your friends in Woodford County?

Going camping with all of my friends and playing in the creek.

What would you say to people just moving to Woodford County?

The people are very nice and it is a very welcoming and friendly community.

What is one of your best stories from Woodford County?

When Woodford finally won a football game for the first time in a long time. 

In what way would you want Woodford County to change?

Build a new high school and put in a Chick-fil-a–that’s my favorite restaurant. 

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