Libby Reed's Mom

Libby Reed enjoys Easter with her family at her mom’s house.

Libby Reed: A Mother of Three

An interview with Libby Reed, who has been a member of Woodford County for over 30 years.

Libby Reed’s Husband
Libby Reed spends time with her family on Easter before Easter egg hunting!

Libby Reed has lived in Woodford County almost her whole life. She has lived in Woodford County since she was in 4th grade when she moved here with her grandparents. She has been with her husband for about 22 years and they have raised all three of their children in Woodford County.

What is your favorite memory of Woodford County?

My senior prom at Woodford County High School. I went to my senior prom with my boyfriend, Antoine Reed, who is now my husband and has been for 21 years and 22 years in August. 

What one of your favorite things to do in Woodford County?

To go out to the high school on prom night and watch the kids watch on the red carpet to prom. 

What makes you smile?

My kids. 

What is your favorite activity/hobby?

I really enjoyed hiking at Cummins Falls in Tennessee because I loved the outdoors and I barely had allergies when I was taking a vacation up there last June.  

What is one of your favorite moments with your friends in Woodford County?

My favorite moments with my friends in Woodford County would be going to my friend Resse’s house for both of our families to have a cookout and play cornhole in the summer every Sunday. 

What would you say to people just moving to Woodford County?

I would probably say that it’s a nice, small town, a great place to rebuild, and a great place to raise your family if you have one. 

What is one of your best stories from Woodford County?

When I was about 10 years old, my brother and now husband but at the time was my neighbor. We were outside in the dark playing and they were chasing on their bikes and I was running. I turned towards them to laugh and when I turned back around and ran into a pole that was hanging out of the back of a neighbors truck. It was so bad that I ended up with two black eyes, a busted nose, and a busted lip. At the time it was traumatic, but now we look back on it and laugh. 

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Having my first child at the age of 19. It was very scary and I didn’t know what to expect. 

Amariah Reed
Libby Reed and her two daughters go shopping at Sam’s Club!

What is your goal in life, going forward?

My goal in life is to purchase a new home, a nicer home at least, and put all 3 of my children through college. 

What was your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment would probably have to be the situation with the pole. I don’t have very many embarrassing moments. 

Who do you look up to and why?

I looked up to my grandmother. She was an amazing mother, grandmother, great grandmother. She taught me how to be a good mom and wife and for that I am very grateful.  

What was your biggest learning experience?

Probably when I lost my job that I had been at for 12 years, for no real reason for them letting me go. I found out that I was pregnant about a month later and then my grandmother had a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer. So, by not working, I was able to help take care of her and I was able to stay home with my child at the time for the first six months of his life. I learned from that is that everything happens for a reason, even though it might not seem like it at the time.

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