Humans of Woodford County!

Digital Journalism students collaborate to bring you stories featuring residents from all over Woodford County.

Her Heart Belongs Here: Candice L. Kirtley
Life of Ariel Martindale
Emma Hayes: Short Time Woodford County Resident
Catie Heermen: A True Best Friend
A Close Friend of Mind: Brayden Miller
Aydin Khosrowshahi: Nothing Rhymes with Khosrowshahi
Keeping It Short With Michael Agee
Sam Dowdell: A Lifelong Resident
Sandra Frakes: A Mother with a Gentle Heart and Tough Hands
Woodford County Through the Eyes of a Senior Leaving It: Jordan Sims
Anna Ward: Little Body, Big Personality
Fun Memories with Emilie
Nancy Ayer Basham: Versailles Resident for 16 Years
Kayce Ireland: WCHS Through Her Eyes
Kendall Spalding: Working Online and in the Kitchen
“Woodford County is Home…”
Finding Lori
Born and Raised Since ’64: Peter Fisher
Answering the Crowd with Kaitlyn Toy
Cameron Jackson: College Student From Home
Coronacation: Harvey Duggan’s Quarantine
Elizabeth Mudd: 15 Wonderful Woodford Years
Libby Reed: A Mother of Three
Teresa Martin: Working Behind the Scenes to Fight Covid-19
Camilla Cosby: A Life Long Resident
Andrew Martin: Been Here Since ’76!
Carol O’Reel: A Life-Long Resident
Julia Hill Fits the Bill
Angela Bentley: A Teacher In Woodford
A Farmer at Heart: Megan Fields
Alex K. Mason Paints Her Way Through Woodford
“It’s always fun to do something borderline illegal…”

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