Emma Duggan

Harvey Duggan spends the beautiful day helping his father on the roof. While working, he decided to pay a visit to Emma Duggan (9) through the window.

Coronacation: Harvey Duggan’s Quarantine

Harvey Duggan (6) is enjoying his COVID-19 quarantine while social distancing. How is he coping? We will see.

Harvey Duggan (6) is making his way through these historic months, but when it comes to boredom, what does he do?

During this time Harvey plays lots of video games such as Fortnite, Cuphead, and Minecraft! Fortnite gives him the chance to hang with his friends while chilling in the comfort of his own home! He recently purchased Cuphead and the words he used to describe it were “original” and “entertaining.”  He encourages people to play Minecraft because “Loads of people like to make jokes but we all know it’s tons of fun and can encourage creativity.” Harvey plays his video games for 2 hours a day, due to time limits his mom placed on his Nintendo Switch.  What does Harvey have to say about the time limits? Well, he says, “Well I could write a 20 pages essay about why I don’t like them, but in summary, I just don’t like em.”

Over this break, Harvey decided to embrace his inner craftsman and he created, designed, and built his own desk for his room! All Harvey had to do was use the plywood from his father and find the measurements he wanted then he was off to the races.  Harvey describes the process as “a challenge” and “fun”! Harvey says that more people should build more things because it gave him a feeling of accomplishment in his free time.

Emma Duggan
This is the exact desk Harvey created while in quarantine! It fits perfectly in the corner of his room!

During quarantine, Harvey enjoys reflecting on his favorite memories and working on his hobbies.  I completed an interview with Harvey myself and it was quite enjoyable.  When asked “What is one of your best stories from Woodford County?” he responded with, “Once we went on a bike trail in fifth grade and at one point I thought I was completely lost but I was just ahead of everyone.  I will always tell this story because I have bragging rights after being in front of everyone.”  Harvey plays many sports, one of those being basketball.  When he isn’t working on schoolwork or playing video games he’s outside playing basketball in his driveway!  He loves shooting hoops and playing with family, “it just makes the time out there more enjoyable.”

Harvey enjoys his new normal, for the time being, so you should, too! Take the time to embrace your hobbies and enjoy yourself during quarantine!

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