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Letter From the Editors

A final goodbye from The Jacket Journal's editors

May 7, 2017

Dear Readers,

There has been an obvious change in the visual appearance of The Jacket Journal, which should both excite and disappoint you. The JJ is now digital, making it more accessible and interactive than ever before. However, the school has lost its only consistent print publication, due to the excessive cost to publish and a lack of enthusiasm for the paper.

Journalism is evolving to have a more prominent online presence through social media and online formats, and The Jacket Journal has joined the digital transition. Through this change, staff members will have more opportunities to express their passion for Journalism in more creative and efficient ways. Hopefully, our readers will enjoy the shift in both content and appearance as well, enhancing The Jacket Journal’s school-wide value and readership.

Being a part of The Jacket Journal has been the most influential academic activity of my high school career. Journalism has forced me to manage my time and expand the realm of my writing style. It has pushed my limits and shown me exactly what I am capable of. It has fostered truth and tact in my writing and in my everyday life. It has inspired me to pursue a career as a journalist.

It has made me love people.

That is what Journalism is, after all. An extensive investigation into people’s truths. It is the study of individual stories and their impact personally and globally. It is a love for stories. A love for others.

Journalism has shown me that people are limitless in their thoughts and actions, and carry stories that reflect into every man like the night sky. It has shown me love and love’s cruelty. It has shown me you, who I must thank for the past three years of study into your wonderful stories.

Thank you, Woodford County High School, and goodbye as your editor and friend.

With love,

Hayle Hall

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    Dear Readers,

    Journalism captivated me due to one initial reason: truth. The act of reporting incorporates both passion and gumption for discovering the truth and then developing that truth into a record in which others can appreciate and learn from. Through the cultivation of news, journalist are able to share the stories, experiences, and lessons of others that otherwise would be left unheard. In other words, journalism allows truth to prevail, and in return, people are brought together.

    After three consecutive years of writing for the Jacket Journal, I’ve experienced the unity that journalism forms between not only individuals but an entire community. This sense of oneness that a single publication can generate is immense, and most definitely proves how necessary journalism is in our contemporary society.

    Ending the print publication, though disappointing, was an alteration made to invoke higher interest from our audience, We hope that you, our beloved readers, can discover the importance and admiration of truth that our staff provides through each article.

    Thank you for allowing me to expand my love for writing; but most importantly, thank you for allowing me to experience personal growth with every issue produced. I dedicated most of my journalism career to delivering heartfelt advice, and through that endeavor, I learned just as much, if not more, from you as I can truly hope you did me.

    That growth will carry me through the rest of my life.

    Woodford County High School, our audience and our supports, it has been an absolute privilege to report for you.

    With best wishes,

    Nick Grimard

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    1. Kaitlyn on May 8th, 2017 11:17 am

      It really sucks that I won’t be able to work with you next year. Your writing is great, so I know you’ll reach great heights! I’m both happy and sad you’re leaving, but things are just getting started for you. I hope the years to come for you are as great as can be!

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