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Annie Denington, Staff Reporter
Annie Denington is a senior this year. She loves reading, writing, horses, Supernatural and hanging out with friends and family. You're most likely to find Annie curled up with a good book while her Alexa plays softly in the background or watching Supernatural, of course. The two quickest ways to bond with Annie? Just mention something Supernatural-related. Or talk about your favorite book. She loves giving book recommendations and talking books. She recently competed in the National Miss You Can Do It Pageant in July. This is her first year working for The Jacket Journal. She is very willing to help anyone who needs it, all you need to do is just ask her and she will help you! She loves the quote, "Faith Over Fear." Ever since her incident last September she has used the quote "Faith Over Fear" religiously. If you want to know what her incident was just ask, and if you do ask be prepared for a very long and emotional story. Her story is still continuing though so if you do ask don't be surprised if you feel like it's incomplete. It is!






Annie Denington, Staff Reporter

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