Dress to Impress?

Offering compliments to people based on who they are not what they wear can be life-changing

Dress to Impress?

Hillary Ocampo, Staff Reporter

In our society today, there are still those who do not feel comfortable with what they wear or would like to wear. There are still those who may feel insecure, and we should build a better environment for each other where people don’t have to feel uncomfortable with what they are wearing, and to encourage those who would like to try to wear different things.

There are several ways we can help making people feel more comfortable in what they wear, even by offering simple compliments. A compliment can lift someone up, bring up their self confidence, and even make their day. They are the first big step to creating a better environments for people to be comfortable and confident in, such as school and public places.

So in places like school, where there are several different kinds of people, some will have different styles that they are very comfortable in. We can open up to each other and offer compliments to each other– the small things can make a difference. And because sometimes people are based on first impressions, perhaps there should be a better balance of praise regarding someone’s appearance and their actions, rather than basing the person on just what they wear, since that does not really say anything about WHO that person really is.

We can praise someone for their actions as well, which can boost the way they see themselves regardless of their clothing and make them feel good about their actions.

Everyone is worthy and beautiful, no matter what they wear.