Students all across the country know what do during an active shooter event

A scenario that keeps playing over and over again like a scratched up DVD, is going to keep playing until someone puts an end to it. But what if you try to fix it temporarily and it only plays back on occasion? This is the solution that the U.S government and school systems came up with after so many school shootings have occurred. They invented something called a lockdown. A lockdown is when the teachers make the students go into the corner of the room where the shooter cannot see them, they lock the door, turn off the lights and have to be quite as a mouse in order to survive.

“It probably says something that I saw #GenerationLockdown and immediately understood what it meant. I feel so bad for all my friends still in high school and everyone who has to live in a time where gun ownership is prided above the lives of children,” said Twitter user @Nightinghawk

On April 29th, 2019 March for Our Lives released a heart wretching, punch in the gut video titled #GenerationLockdown. The two-minute long video shows an expert on what to do when there is an active shooter. This video went viral with many being overwhelmed when a young school girl walks out and starts talking about what happens during a drill and what you have to do in order to survive. By the end of the video, the young girl is singing a song that her teacher taught her to remember what to do during a lockdown. The video shows the truth of what is going on in America. Kids nowadays are growing up in the era of school shootings being a norm in society, learning how to survive rather than learning about their education. This isn’t strange to students anymore–it’s another drill we dread doing but know will keep us safe if a situation does happen.

My six-year-old daughter last year after an actual lockdown: ‘The best places to hide are the big cupboards. But how do we choose, Mom?’ ‘What do you mean, sweetie?’ ‘There’s not enough room for everyone. How do we choose who gets to hide and who has to die?’ #GenerationLockdown ”

— Twitter user @kazweida

The video sends a good message out to the public that gun laws should become stricter in order to keep children safe and all Americans. If you want to watch the video go here: Generation Lockdown – March for Our Lives.

It feels like we are desensitizing from school shootings. When will the change happen? Lockdowns are not enough. This is far from normality. ”

— Ashley Rocha (12)

The day after the March For Our Lives video was released, on April 30th, 2019, Trystan Terell opened fire at the University of North Carolina, killing two people and injuring four. Another devasting tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.

The same scenario will keep playing and playing until a change occurs. Who will make that change?

Below are the organizations that are putting in the effort to stop gun violence:

March for Our Lives

End Gun Violence