United Nations: Live from Kentucky

Take a look at KUNA, a model UN that can change how you see the world

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United Nations: Live from Kentucky

Erin Lawson, Staff Reporter

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Ever since my first model UN, I wanted to change the world. I want to pursue the study of other cultures and foreign diplomacy.  As someone who is interested in foreign diplomacy, helping immigrants and refugees have always been important to me.

Photo by Erin Lawson.  Maggie Carney (12), Tessa Brengelman, Erin Lawson (12) representing Germany at last year’s KUNA.

One of my dreams is to organize a student group that would help refugees and immigrants learn more about America and its inner-workings. My group would teach them about our economy, job market, and cultural differences, and we would help them find jobs. Ideally, I would use this project to research whether such a support group helps immigrants and refugees to be better prepared for the transition from their homeland to the United States. Will they be able to transition better than immigrants who do not get such support? Which interventions are most helpful?

If you have similar goals and dreams, the Kentucky YMCA puts on a mock United Nations for high school Y-clubs across Kentucky. This is a three-day event in the spring where you have the opportunity to represent a country and debate resolutions to multiple international issues.

There are multiple positions in KUNA, such as a Resolution Author, ICJ Representative, Security Council Representative, Media Corp, and Ambassador. Resolution authors create solutions to foreign issues, the ICJ is the International Court of Justice where you will argue cases between countries. The Security Council tries to create solutions to foreign issues, and Media Corp takes pictures of the conference. Finally, an Ambassador is a delegate that votes on resolutions; it is a very important job.

If any of this interests you, and you want to change the world, KUNA is the best place to go.